Drop-dead gorgeous. (via Aedle Headphones)

They’re so close - but the use of plastic here kills the appeal.

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Beautiful branding design from a Russian style-house. I’ve been seeing some amazing Russian design come through in the last few months. Who would have thought Russia as becoming an epicenter for some great designers?

When I didn’t have the opportunity to work on the industrial design of my products and had to shift to working with  engineering, this quote really stood out to me. It was a lesson well learned. Stuff you make for people to use every day starts with the guts. The way it works. The way it looks is very important, but it should be the way it works that drives a new thing forward.

Take something complex, like most technology, and simplify it. Make it easy, make it brainless. Keep cutting away until it becomes logical. Make a computer an appliance. Make it so “it just works”.

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This is what my Tuesday’s all about.

Absolutely in love with this track. Such a nice groove.

The perfect mix of everything awesome about rap in the 90s.

Cable, we have to talk.

I have 200+ channels on Comcast. Not one is showing the most popular sport in the world, soccer. Not one is covering the end of the transfer window in European soccer. Major players, major transfers, major clubs, massive news in hundreds of tabloids, websites, blogs.

The only channel I watch, Fox Soccer Channel, has been replaced by FXX today. Their current schedule has 6 hours of Parks and Recreation re-runs.

I know it’s TV, but I really love my sport, and I’m seriously devastated.

The current state of affairs for Cable is dire. I can’t find content, I can’t remember channel numbers, the progression of HD and non-HD content is jumbled together, and there’s no way to filter channels I own versus ones I don’t.

I wanted to try cable again after not having it for a few years. Content had become tough to find in great quality and I assumed that maybe some things have changed. So I tried it. I’ve had so many problems finding content, just anything worth watching, I constantly end up frustrated and resort to the same methods of digging up stuff over the internet as I have prior to having a cable subscription.

After football season, goodbye cable. I think I’m calling it quits for the last time. I can’t even say it has been nice. The Comcast commercials and great pricing brought me in, but the content and convoluted menus and hardware feels so antiquated I can’t understand how to find stuff to watch. The cancellation of channels that I found valuable was the last straw.

Good luck old dog, I really wish someone could teach you some new tricks. I think the next five years will be a major shift in how we consume content. There is still an opportunity to change things, but it’s quickly closing.

Concentration of Power


According to recent financial data from the 3rd quarter of 2010, six banks represent 64% of GDP. These are JPMorgan, Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, and Morgan Stanley. In 2006, before the financial crisis, that number was 55%. And fifteen years ago, it was 17%.

Further down the rabbit hole we go.